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Hello again, friends.

It’s been a busy week at the ESF – the team is currently working flat out pulling together all the final prep for our upcoming summer events. We’re excited to present you with a few new things this year – but we’ll announce those shortly.

In the run up to the show season, we’re driven by the passion we see within our community, by the dedication and determination of you all. And we’d like to to celebrate your hard work and successes by highlighting a few people, new and old, who we think could be ones to watch this show season.

First up, we’ve been keeping an eye on Ellen McGrain – take a look at this shot of her with the beautiful WRN Scrapman during training.

If you’d like to see more about Ellen, you can find her at Irish Angels.


Another rider on our list, Ana Grey with the wonderful Kingston. We think this pair will really stand out among the crowd.

Anna’s currently riding for Blue Hors Stables, and we’d encourage you to check out their other fantastic riders.


And finally, we’ll be watching out for Ida Smith and Teitur’s Ballet in the eventing this season, after their success at the Great Valley Classic.

Ida and Ballet can be found riding for Stall Teitur, who happen to have some of the most beautiful Icelandics we’ve seen.

So, that’s my top three picks for this season – who are yours?

Until next time,