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Dear Equus-Sims,

I’m posting on behalf of the Equus-Sims Federation (ESF). Although our name is old, our organization is new, and so is our mission. We are going to focus on celebrating the equestrian way of life–and it all starts with you.

My role as the Community Manager is to get to know you and to bring you the latest and greatest news, ideas, and regular goings-on from within our organization and our community. I hope that’s got you excited, because fun things are coming our way.

There will be more to come on the ESF later, but for now, let’s do a little icebreaker.

Copy these three questions into the comments section below. I’ll leave my answers there, too. (Also, don’t forget to leave your name so I know who I’m talking to!)

1.) Tell me about one of your biggest aspirations for the future

2.) What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

3.) Describe the perfect day

Your friend,

(OOC: Please try to answer from your ES character’s perspective)