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Hello and welcome to
your new home for Equus-Sims.

This post has been on the horizon for a while now. I’ve been considering what the future of Equus might look like and today I want to share that with you.

Equus-Sims has always been about community. “For the equestrian in you” has been the mantra behind providing a place where we can all share and experience our passion for the equestrian way of life. We have built lasting friendships here, and we’ve had fun telling our stories, competing in shows, and sharing our adventures along the way. It was and still is way more than I ever dreamed it would be.

It’s insane to think that we have been around for almost 10 years, and for many of us who have been here since the beginning, our lives look much different now. We’ve grown up. Our perspectives and priorities have changed. Yet many of us still find a home here, and I don’t want us to lose that.

So, there are some initiatives we’re going to take to breathe a bit of life back into the community. Small steps toward a future that is about the stories we have to share, about having fun and bringing people together around what we love. We know real life can be crazy difficult–and Equus should be a place for escaping that. No pressure, no demands, no expectations.

Just fun.

The first task is to bring back the role-play and storytelling aspect that what we had for the very original site. As part of that initiative, this new homepage will be a blog written from the perspective of a character named Susannah. You can look at her like an ambassador for Equus-Sims. She’s going to share pictures, stories, and activities from around the forum, and she’ll keep us up to date on the other initiatives we’re taking to build a better future for the community.

Whether you’re a new member or you’ve been here for years, I hope you’ll join us on this new journey. I can’t really tell you everything–I don’t even have all the answers–but it will be a fun ride and I look forward to seeing where it takes us.